Our Wines

In 2018, we produced our first estate grown Tempranillo. From a harvest of just over 1000kg of fruit, we were able to produce around 680 litres of wine which was then divided equally into old French and American oak barrels. In April 2019, 375 litres was bottled and the remainder returned to French oak for another 12 months maturation. Along with the Tempranillo, we also bottled 225 litres of a local Heathcote Shiraz that was matured in French oak for 12 months. 

In 2019, we were fortunate enough to be given a few hundred kilos of Grenache fruit. This produced about 140 litres of wine of which a percentage was blended with the some of current 2019 Tempranillo vintage and the rest was bottled. Vintage 2020 is now complete and along with our Tempranillo, we are excited to have sourced a lot more Grenache, a large portion of Monastrell and some more Shiraz as well.

In November 2019 we prepared another vineyard site on the lower slopes of the property and planted some Monastrell (Mourvèdre/Mataró) While usually found in blends such as a GSM, Monastrell is fast becoming popular as a stand alone varietal and produces a full bodied, dry red wine that will appeal to the lovers of Heathcote Shiraz.

In September 2020, the remaining 6 rows of this vineyard were planted out with the Grenache (Garnacha) completing the Spanish Trio! We have decided to name this vineyard "Mudstone Ridge" after the abundance of the mudstone, sedimentary rock and shale that is common on this site. With luck, we should be producing the first wine from this vineyard in 2022.