Our Wines

Although known predominantly for its award winning Shiraz, the Heathcote Region, with its Mediterranean climate, is well suited to other emerging varietals such as Tempranillo, Grenache, Sangiovese and Monastrell (aka Mourvèdre/Mataró). For this reason, along with considerations of a warming climate, and our passion for all things Spanish, we decided to plant a small Tempranillo vineyard and in 2018, we produced our first 1000 bottles of estate grown wine.

In November 2019 we prepared another vineyard site on the lower slopes of the property and planted some Monastrell. While usually found in blends such as a GSM, Monastrell is fast becoming popular as a stand alone varietal and produces a full bodied, dry red wine that will appeal to the lovers of Heathcote Shiraz. In 2019, we sourced some locally grown fruit to produce a straight Monastrell as well as a Monastrell/Grenache blend.

In September 2020, the remaining six rows of this vineyard were planted out with the Grenache (Garnacha) completing the Spanish Trio! We have decided to name this vineyard "Mudstone Ridge" after the abundance of the mudstone, sedimentary rock and shale that is common on this site. With luck, we should be producing the first wine from this vineyard in 2022.



Along with our estate produced wines, we've recently branched out into making Apple cider. The idea came from looking for a way to deal with the abundant yearly crop of Pink Lady apples from the single tree in the orchard. In 2021 we made our first small 50 litre batch using a combination of our own and locally sourced fruit. In 2020, we decided to expand the apple orchard, planting another 12 apple trees along with 20 pomegranate trees to allow for some blending options.  Apple varieties planted include Kingston Black, Bulmer's Norman and Improved Foxwhelp and should start producing fruit this coming season.